Meet Our Teachers


Fernanda A.

Fernanda received her B.A. from the Los Angeles School of Music for the Vocal Performing Arts.  Fernanda has worked extensively in various aspects of music including solo vocal performances and serving as director of music for various ensembles.  Her professional work in the United States and Brazil has propelled her popularity internationally.  As a teacher, Fernanda instills a strong confidence in students.  She teaches them to use their confidence to define who they.  Fernandas approach gives the growing musician a sense of self confidence through skilled instruction.  While speaking fluent Portuguese and Spanish, Fernanda is also a professor of tutoring for the academy.  Whether tutoring or teaching music, Fernanda offers her students confidence through strong practice habits and a motivation attitude.

Deborah A.

Deborah is a graduate from the Azusa Pacific University’s Vocal Performance program. She is an experienced Music Educator and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Education from APU. As a music teacher she has taught privately, directed several school choirs and music classes, and taught in APU's conservatory piano sector. Deborah is a versatile teacher and can teach many styles ranging from pop to classical. She also has experience working with students to prepare them to enter college music programs, festivals, competitions and music professions. Deborah is an energetic, passionate, and confident teacher who enjoys working with students of all ages. She demonstrates great enthusiasm for each of her student’s development and growth.  

Chris B.

Chris received his B.A. from USC Thornton School of Music emphasizing in Jazz Studies. His professional experience ranges from performing in distingusihed ensembles throughout the United States to working as a studio mentor for USC’s most recognized jazz students. Chris has been recognized extensively for his work and was awarded a scholarship to the William Paterson University for his undergraduate pursuits in Jazz studies.  As an experienced performer, Chris emphasizes techniques that empower the student with a sense of responsibility. Chris’ students learn how to balance instrumental musical ability while developing a confidence to perform for others. 

Jeremy B.

Jeremy has an MA in Music and a BA in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University.  As a performer, Jeremy is active in several local church worship bands, both arranging music and playing.  He is an established guitarist in the Los Angeles area who performs solo at a number of venues and has been recognized by a variety of professional and academic organizations for his high-quality musicianship and dedication to the musical arts.  Jeremy teaches piano, guitar, cello, and bass, sharing his joy of music both as an artist and an educator.



Rae B.

Rae received her B.M. from Azusa Pacific University emphasizing in the Vocal Arts. Her experience ranges from local church choirs to International Orchestral Concerts held in Germany and Austria. Rae’s experience spans many genres ranging from classical to more contemporary styles like rock/pop. Rae has been recognized by the APU Dean’s list as a featured soprano soloist and instructor.  As an experienced performer, Rae instills confidence in every student by empower them with confidence. She believes with a healthy practice regiment, each student has the ability to perform successfully in front of family and freinds

Tim C.

Tim Conley has over 10 years of experience in music education and as a professional touring musician, composer, film scorer and producer . Tim has performed with the World’s top musicians  and his performance career has taken him around the world including, Japan, UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bahamas, Canada and the US. Tim’s teaching style consists of providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere, all while instilling confidence and positive reinforcement. In lessons, Tim balances music theory, sight reading and instrument proficiency combined with teaching the musical genre(s) each student is pursuing. Tim has extensive experience in teaching all styles of guitar, bass and piano from beginner to advanced. It excites Tim to give back and share his musical knowledge and experiences with aspiring musicians.

Abbe D.

Abbe currently holds a masters in vocal performance from U.S.C Abbe is originally from Oregon where she attended Oregon State University for her Bachelor of Arts in Music. She specializes in teaching classical as well as a perfomance based approach that inlcudes musical theater. Her prior experience includes major roles in the Los Angeles production Marriage of Figaro and Hansel and Grettle to name a few.  Abbe teaches with the intensions of having her students perform for family and friends. Her students learn how to apply instrumental appraoches while presenting real world circumstances for each of her students. 

S.J. D.

Scott Jonathan Dinsfriend is a multi-instrumentalist who received his B.A. from the University of Oregon in Music Composition.  S.J. has worked professionally as a music director, working with choirs, orchestras and local school bands in the Oregon and Los Angeles area.  His experience as a multi instrumentalist gives him a vast understanding of each instruments subtle characteristics.  Currently, he is pursuing a masters in composition from the University of Azusa and has received a teaching assistant scholarship for his applied studies in Music Theory.  S.J. recently completed his first symphony, which was performed by the Azusa Pacific University's Symphony Orchestra and received well praise.  Sj’s approach to teaching  emphasizes a strong understanding of instrumentation and its ability to enhance larger ensembles.  Through this, his students gain a strong understanding of intricacies and subtle performance techniques associated with composing.


Adam F.

Adam received his B.M. from USC Thornton School of Music emphasizing in the Vocal Arts. Adam has been an active member of various choirs and ensembles including the USC Concert Choir and the Glendale FGMUC Choir as a tenor soloist among others. He has been recognized internationally by the American School of Doha in Qatar for his musical accomplishments.  As an experienced performer, Adam emphasizes foundational that empower the student with a sense of responsiblity. Adam’s student learns how to balance technical musical ability while maintaining a confidence to perform for others. 

Michael H.

Michael is a Trained Musician and Teacher specializing in Guitar, Bass– Guitar and Drums to all ages and levels. He earned his MFA in Music Composition from UC Irvine and his BM in Guitar Performance from CSULA. Besides his career as a  Professional Guitarist and Composer in Los Angeles, Michael has several years of experience teaching. As a teacher, he helps his students not only with learning pieces, but guiding them based on their interests, aptitudes and personal Goals.

Aaron K.

Aaron is a Tenor and Alto Saxophonist with over ten years of orchestral experience.  He holds a Masters Degree in Music Composition with a concentration in Ethnomusicology from the University of California Riverside.  He has contributed to a number of musical conferences and is an active member for the Center of the Arts in Boston.  Aaron encourages his students to look at music from a broad perspective in order to understand music as a language.  He takes great pride in empowering the student with a logical understanding of music theory.  


Kathryn L.

Kathryn holds a B.A. in Music from Luther College and is an experienced music educator teaching voice, piano and celtic harp professionally. As a music instructor, she has taught privately, directed several school choirs and has worked closely with community centers such as the Claremont Presbyterian Church, and the Foothill Country Day School among others.  Kathryn is an exceptionally gifted educator due to her patient demeanor and commitment to excellence. Kathryn believes having a strong understanding of basic musical repertoire can lead to success in other areas of music.

Viri M.

Viri graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BS in Music Education.  She has her California teaching Certificate and is currently pursuing a MA in Education.  She began her own musical studies at age eleven and has since then relished every musical challenge that comes her way, such as performing in marching bands, wind ensembles, symphonic bands, jazz bands, orchestras, a saxophone quartet, and percussion ensemble.  Her musical performance tours have taken her to Thailand, Brazil, and Mexico.  Viri is fluent in Spanish and is incredibly knowledgeable in a wide array of techniques to encourage and motivate each one of her students.

Gill L.

Gill is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University and Citrus College and has over 10 years experience as a music educator and private instructor and she is passionate about teaching music.Gill has extensive classical training in piano and attended music school in Taiwan. She teaches piano at the beginning, intermediate and college level and is also an experienced Mandarin, math, science and English tutor. As a teacher, Gill is patient and caring and is especially talented at creating a fun environment for her students.


Melissa M.

Melissa attended the Los Angeles Music Academy for Vocal Artist Development and graduated with her BA in Product and Graphic Design fro Veritas University in San Jose, Costa Rica.  She has professional experience in music education, art education, and architecture and design. She has developed musical artists to tour internationally and in addition to being a production engineer she has provided background vocals and choreography on several musical productions. Melissa teaches her students to think through their challenges independently and creatively so that they can handle anything they encounter in their musical futures.

Susan M.

Susan earned a BM in Music from Biola University, her Teaching Credential from Cal State Polytechnic University, and is currently pursuing a MA in Speech Pathology from Cal State University, Fullerton.  She has worked with students of diverse cultural backgrounds with all different musical and academic objectives, including such challenges as autism, visual processing disorders, phonological disorders, and ADHD.  Susan is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and enjoys leading students in jazz band, parade band, and orchestra, and teaches piano, voice, violin, and flute.  She enjoys developing each student’s intellect through the study of musical expression.


Candace M.

Candace received her MA in Violin Performance from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and her BA in Music from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.  She is a certified Suzuki violin teacher and uses both Suzuki and European traditional approaches to teaching both violin and piano, emphasizing technique, theory, and performance skills.  In addition to teaching, Candace performs freelance at weddings and private events and has been a member of several professional orchestras such as the La Jolla Symphony.    Her passion for music education is evident in her personal commitment to each and every one of her students.

Jennifer N.

Jennifer graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life Pacific College with a Major in Biblical Studies and a Minor in Music and Worship. Jennifer has been a music teacher for over seven years, specializing in Piano, Voice, Guitar and Music Theory for all ages and levels. She has taught private music lessons throughout Los Angeles including Instruments of Praise Music School and the Waltrip’s School of Music in Arcadia. Jennifer’s teaching philosophy is performance based and she teaches and specializes in several music genres including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Gospel, Ragtime, Contemporary Christian and more. Besides her career as a musician and teacher, Jennifer also works as a professional piano accompanist for theatre productions.

Erin R.

Erin has a MA in Music from Cal State University with emphases in piano, voice, and music theory, and a BM in Music from Columbia College for Women.  Erin has many years of musical education experience and her repertoire as an artist encompasses a wide variety of musical genres including jazz, rock, classical, and Spanish guitar.  Erin creatively presents difficult musical concepts to her students, customizing each lesson plan to suit students’ individual learning styles.  She teaches piano, voice, guitar, dulcimer, Pre-K classes, English, and Math.  Erin’s cheerful attitude is infectious and her passion for music and learning shines in each one of her lessons.


Jackie T.

Jackie currently holds a Bachelor's in Music from Azusa Pacific University emphasizing in Vocal Performance.  She has extensive experience working and performing in various choirs, operas and special events through the Los Angeles area.  SHe has also taught voice and violin privately for over 9 years.  Jackie has been recognized professionally and has been awarded scholarships and grants due to her ongoing pursuit in music.  Through her extensive performance background, Jackie instill her students with a sense of confidence when approaching the stage.  Whether performing for small or large groups, Jackie emphasizes a strong confident approach that allows her students to command any musical situation.


John V.

John is an expert instructor who holds a B.A. from Azusa Pacific University in Music Education. His experience ranges from private instruction throughout the San Gabriel Valley to his role as a music director for the First Baptist Church of Claremont. John’s array of instrument disciplines has allowed him to work with distinguished ensembles as both a director and active musician.  John instills confidence in his students by emphasizing a patient approach during lessons. John believes that altering a lesson to meet the students individual needs is important for all-around musical understanding.